Leverhulme International Network

Tomorrow’s City Today – An International Comparison of Eco-City Frameworks

The aim of this international research network is to support a three year (2012–2015) cross-comparative research project on international urban sustainability indicators, standards and certification schemes. The network comprises world-leading partners that bring together complementary research and policy expertise, as well as geographical spread, relevant to the research theme. The initiative responds to the recent growth of various types of ‘eco-city’ initiatives resulting in a diverse range of urban sustainability indicators, standards, and endorsement schemes. It addresses the need – both from a research and policy perspective – to carry out systematic comparative analyses of emerging eco-city frameworks.

The network is engaged in comparative analysis, hosts international events and local workshops and publishes research and policy reports.

Reports and videos

Tomorrow’s city today: prospects for standardising sustainable urban development – Leverhulme International Network report

  • Joss, S., Cowley, R., de Jong, M., Müller, B., Park, B-S., Rees, W., Roseland, M., and Rydin, Y. (2015). Tomorrow’s city today: prospects for standardising sustainable urban development. London: University of Westminster. (ISBN 978-0-9570527-5-8).

Leverhulme International Network videos

Leverhulme International Network workshop reports

Network Co-ordination

Co-ordinator: Professor Simon Joss
Facilitator: Robert Cowley, University of Westminster