Bellagio Project

Developing International Standards and Policy for Eco-Cities

This project deals with the international development and use of various ‘eco-city’ indicators, standards and frameworks. It is centred upon a deliberative process involving an international group of leading experts. Funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, the project involved a three-day conference held in autumn 2012 in Bellagio, Italy. The multi-disciplinary group of 18 participants includes academics, policy-makers and practitioners from 14 countries from both the Global South and Global North. The project comprises three parts: (1) comparative analyses of contemporary eco-city indicator systems and endorsement schemes; (2) evaluation of eco-city indicator use within particular policy contexts; and (3) recommendations concerning policy needs and opportunities at local, national and international levels.

The project results are contained in the Bellagio Statement.

The Bellagio Report

Download the Bellagio Report


  1. Introduction
  2. Arthur Molella
  3. Bernhard Mueller
  4. Cate Harris
  5. Debashis Sen
  6. Do Tu Lan
  7. Hiroaki Suzuki
  8. Hongxing Xie
  9. Jutta Berns Mumbi
  10. Luis A. Paredes
  11. Mark Roseland
  12. Simon Joss
  13. Shanfeng Dong
  14. Sue Riddlestone
  15. Vatsal Bhatt
  16. Yvonne Rydin


Simon Joss